Lightweight Models & Cost-Effective Scalability

The final pattern that will be discussed is Lightweight Models & Cost-Effective Scalability. Tim O’ Reilly states that “scalability in web 2.0 applies to business models as well as technology. Changes in cost, re-usability, process, and strategy mean much more can be done for less. Therefore, adopt a scalable, cost-effective strategy encompassing business models, development models, and technology to deliver products to market faster and cheaper without sacrificing future growth”. People started thinking differently in our era realizing that increasing their organizations quickly was not the answer. They saw that getting big fast didn’t work in the long run, they had to think differently.

To achieve these practices such as these must be undertaken:

– Outsource business and IT process when it is possible

– Assess price models to generate higher revenue

– Demand driven by the network effect must be scaled

– Use open source services where possible

– Release functionality in increments

An example of a web application that utilizes this pattern for its own benefit is Twitter. Twitter is a lightweight model, and the first sign is the simple method Twitter uses registering new users. All you need is a nickname and email-address, no need for private details as for example full name and picture.


My Twitter Profile

Twitter is used to send messages for users to update their status. They may express their feelings, tell others the scores to a game or generally make a statement about anything. Twitter is also used in our QUT class to communicate with each other, share experiences and have discussions as well. Twitter also does not have large software and it is easy to scale and very user friendly. Twitter only has 175 employees (37signals, 2012) and it is created on open-source software. This means that Twitter can contribute to third party software created by developers due to its open API. This is how Twitter remains cost-effective.




4 thoughts on “Lightweight Models & Cost-Effective Scalability

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  1. Hi Osarfo,
    interesting post. It is interesting to see microblogging platforms such as twitter making viral marketing so cheap without sacrificing future growth. What do you think about the future of local papers that publish adverts, where does that leave them?

    1. It is indeed. As our word is advancing technically I really cannot see much of a future for local papers that publish adverts unless these newspapers are like MX . The reason I say this because MX is free. More people are using the internet and web applications as time goes by hence the reason why I dont see big future for local papers publishing adverts. What do you personally think about that?

  2. Hi Osarfo,

    Good post. Twitter is good in managing Scalability and reliability. Do not be surprised if Twitter comes up with advertisements in near future.


  3. Hey Nana !

    Twitter, yeah, i didnt even think about that one… but yes, great example, twitter is leightweight… also a company that did it right across the board, its leightweight, it developed for all platforms, it gives the user control… very good example.


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