Blogging Strategy

Hello Everyone. My name is Yaw formally but my first name is actually Nana. This is because of my culture as I am from a West African country called Ghana. I am an Information Technology student studying at QUT. Due to the fact that I undertook Web 2.0 last semester, I decided to continue on this path and undertake Enterprise 2.0. With this said, I will be continuing my blog from the previous semester to follow the weekly topics of this semester.

The main reason I am blogging is to collaborate with my other fellow students as an assessment for this subject. Through blogging, I can share my experiences and learning on the weekly tasks given as well as reflecting my thoughts on other students blogs as well. To achieve this, I will research topics found from every weekly lecture and understand them in order to further my knowledge. To capture my other colleague’s attentions towards reading my blog I will provide my own uniqueness in my blog posts and collaborate with others using other social media tools.

Blogging in Web 2.0 was quite an interesting experience. However, I could have been more involved within the process as it was a first time experience for me. To make my blog more successful I will address key factors regarding weekly topics that target my audience. In addition to this I will add pictures, videos and other social currency  to create synergy within my blog.


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