Benefits of Enterprise 2.0

From what I have learnt about Enterprise Systems I would personally define them as a large-scale system, which stores data using applications and/or software packages. This may not be exact but it is my own definition. Enterprise 2.0 enables these systems to use technology which provides people to collaborate and/or form online communities. In simple terms, Enterprise 2.0 is the application of Web 2.0 to the enterprise. When the term Enterprise 2.0 is heard, most burst in an optimistic manner as a result of our technical advancements. However, although there are benefits, there are also risks. The benefits outweigh the risks as Enterprise 2.0 proves to be the center of success for many businesses. I’m sure by now some of you may be asking, so what are the risks and benefits associated since most only want to hear about the benefits.


Most people would agree that knowledge equals power although some would beg to differ. Enterprise 2.0 improves the knowledge of users by simply providing easier access to expertise. It provides enhanced search strategies sing social media tools such as Google and Yahoo. More on how it enhances knowledge, it enables sharing knowledge with blogging and wikis to help users collaborate online. Nevertheless utilizing Enterprise 2.0 connects employees within an organization engaging staff members to communicate about organizational plans.


However, since Enterprise 2.0 enables all users to access the same information there is risks that come with this. Risks such as security concerns and privacy are always an issue with social media tools such as Facebook and Youtube. Some users one Youtube may breach the copyright laws and steal other users’ productions. Another risk is the reduced productivity of staff members since they are given access to social media sites to collaborate and communicate amongst with each other. Additionally, reliability of information is another risk when using Enterprise 2.0’s search strategies. Not all information may be accurate and some may be rather opinionated.

There are negatives and positives to everything. The benefits assist users a lot more than the risk disadvantage users and if all laws and policies can be followed on the web, the benefits would clearly outweigh the risks considerably.

Below is a video that demonstrates how businesses can achieve success by utilizing Enterprise 2.0.




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    1. Thank you ilovebrisbane! I will research and try to deepen my analysis with regards to Enterprise 2.0 on the upcoming weekly blog topics. I’ll keep you updated!

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