How we have advanced using Web 2.0

In our technically advancing society, Web 2.0 tools are essential many of us don’t even realize we encounter every day. I must admit, I am not a beginner as a Web 2.0 user simply because I have accounts with Google, Hotmail, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and many other social media tools. I mainly use Facebook to socialise with friends, Hotmail for more serious conversations regarding issues like university, and Youtube for entertainment.

Web 1.0 was nothing compared to Web 2.0 because it was slower and did not support all mobile devices. Changing towards Web 2.0 has enabled newer technologies that assist businesses with building and engaging their audiences. With Web 2.0, tabs can be opened in browsers rather than having to open a new window every time one wanted to search something different. Now, with Web 2.0 web components such as wiki’s blogs and other social media provide users with low technical skill the ability to explore and enhance their knowledge within the field of Information Technology. With this said, Web 2.0 adds value to all users by allowing users to create, collect and collaborate amongst one another.



As a result of this, businesses have been able to utilise Web 2.0 to benefit their social media. According research by ZDnet there is over 845 million active users on Facebook, spending 10.5 billion minutes on Facebook a day. Just this statement reveals the amount of improvement the web has made in current times. Businesses don’t have to spend as much on advertising and marketing because Web 2.0 tools have completely replaced costly applications in the past that users thought benefitted them greatly. These applications have been replaced with more productive and efficient applications that are free and web-based to reduce costs and simplify socializing methods across the web.


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