Viva La Social Media!

Social media is online community where people create personal profiles and share information with their friends and contacts (Extracted from a INN346 QUT lecture).  Popular websites have already been derived from the increase of online social networks. This shows that the future holds a lot of room for more online interaction with social networking playing a significant role. Businesses are slowly starting to know how essential it to add social networking tools with business processes. All topics we as a class have learnt in the past weeks encompass how an organization can utilize social networking to empower their business. Using social networking to engage staff and customers can help strenghten customer relationships and promote a company and/or a brand. Engaging with customers does not only mean engaging with everyday consumers but may also mean engaging with other organizations to sell a product or service. Social media has provided users with a strong sense of community online enabling users to interact amongst one another whether they have the same interests or not.  Many companies have used Facebook to promote their product. Consequently, I model for a company called SHRWLTH Apparel using Facebook to promote its biggest product launch and promote further products through it. SHRWLTH Apparel has utilized their Facebook to attract a customer base and inform customers about their new products on a regular basis. The company was able to attract more than a 1000 customers in a short amount of time due to the fact that they decided to incorporate social media with their business.

After carefully analysing how social networking and social media can be used to enhance business processes I have formulate 5 strategies for organizations to consider if they plan on joining the social media bandwagon.

  1. Awareness:  This is a fairly logical step to undertake due to the fact that companies are trying to build a reputation. Thus, creating awareness is essential and with social networking, there is an array of social media tools that can be used to assist companies with creating awareness. Social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Google, and Twitter are all great examples.
  2. Customer Engagement:  Establishing a target market can aid in engaging certain customers with certain products and/or services and maintain efficiency.
  3. Content: As mentioned in previous blog posts, content within social media sites are significant to establish the direction companies want to head. Having the ability to control the flow of information provided will help keep staff members and customers in the loop and nevertheless, providing accurate information ensures that all stakeholders are up to date with business processes of a company.
  4. Support: Providing ongoing support or maintenance will reduce the necessity for customers or employees to ask for assistance. Keeping an ongoing support system using social media can shorten time and reduce travel costs in order for users to collaborate and share information.
  5. Policies: Policies are a significant for companies to establish with regards to utilizing social media. Making sure there are a set of rules and responsibilities staff members and customers abide by will help develop a safe and effective online environment.

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  1. nice blog! I think customer engagement is very important and can change a customers way of thinking. Social media is being used a lot by different companies and teams have been dedicated to only look after the social media aspect of the company!. Telstra has a twitter account in which they reply to there customers on a regular basis. I like the 5 points you have mentioned. great blog!

    1. cheers pratikk. yes engaging the customers is very important. after all they are the main reason why companies are selling their products and services. i didnt even know about the telstra twitter account. i’ll check it out! cheers for the insight. surprsingly enough, telstra is my phone carrier so i’ll definitely have a look!

      1. Yes, definitely check it out! Its all about keeping the customer in the loop about whats happening they do a pretty good job in replying to any enquiries, i believe they also do this on the Facebook page they have.

      2. i ended up checking it out prattik. i have twitter and facebook apps and now i will find it easier to checkout telstra updates on these apps rather than having to go on the telstra website to find out what is new. thanks for the insight mate

  2. Hahaha, I like your heading ! I would like to go into policies a bit more, I think those are one of the central issues in todays world when it comes to social media, both on a private and a corporate level… its important to have procedures in place for both misuse by individuals and employees representing larger organisations… sociel media is the future of marketing, but it involves a lot of beureaucracy…dont you think ?

    1. haha thanks! you’re very right on that matter. the misuse of social media can significantly reduce employee and/or general productivity. also, policies must be put in place for misuse of social media for the accuracy of information

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